Get Straight To The Point: Results Guaranteed

Get Straight To The Point Results Guaranteed, author, Godfrey Elder delivers a creative collection of quotes to motivate and inspire positivity. Inside, Elder reveals proven life changing-principles that challenge conventional thought on love, life, success and more. Available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback. Click the book cover to order now!




XV. A colourful collaboration of photography & quotes with artist Jose Deolio. Godfrey remixes the top 15 quotes from Get Straight to the Point specially designed for pages to be taken out, pinned up in the office or even framed. Perfect as a gift! Available on Amazon. Get your copy today by clicking the book cover!

12 Paragraphs that will change your life

.“I traveled around the world for 12 months changing many lives… most importantly, my own.” - Godfrey Elder

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