Debt to Dollars Episode 1 - Lost to Luxury


I came from the hood, made it out the hood, now here's my story. 

This is episode one of debt to dollars thanks for tuning in.

I know you’re wondering who I am. I’m a guy from Queens New York city born on September 11th.  A single immigrant mother on welfare raised me. We got sucked into the street life pretty early starting on the streets about the age of 12.

This is for people who grew up in a rough neighborhood. If you didn’t have much, if you’re from the ghetto, forgotten about, and don’t have a lot of opportunity, this is for you.

I've learned, saw, and done a lot of things you know that wasn't too proud of that led me to become a high school dropout. I work successfully actually to become the absolute worst version of myself. When I say the worst was myself I actually mean a liar, cheater, thief, an addict someone who's abusive, heartless, and eventually homeless.

I received a few wake-up calls. It came in the form of people events and thought processes that help me turn my life around. This debt to dollars podcast/YouTube channel is actually about that journey.

It's about the journey, the people, and thought processes that helped me, and the events that shape my life. I'm not a motivational speaker not a life coach, I’m just me. Actually my twin sister just text me happy birthday.. Tomorrow will… actually today right now. Well I just turned 31. What what!

Back to the story but anyways the reason why I changed my life is because I had a little spark of belief my heart. When I want to give up and I didn't feel like living anymore, I kinda believed that I deserve something better and I exercised that belief. I had a lot of friends and family help me along the way strangers too as well and I eventually turn my life around.

Here are 3 things that helped me. One is belief. Call it a will to survive. Call it confidence or whatever you want. I just believed in something greater. The second is your wake up calls. It is an external commitment to that belief rooted in action. Third it was my network.

I’m no longer homeless. Actually, I’m sitting in my own place. I live in a gated community. It’s beautiful to have a private gym, private swimming pool. Today I'm an author and educator and entertainer and a manager. I am really thankful for the people that helped me get here. Shout to my mom I love you. Happy Birthday to my twin sister Ramona. Shout to my brother Rich, hold your head you know hope you come up soon. Ultimately this is episode one. Welcome to my journey. Welcome to my life.

Any questions, y'all feel free to ask. Leave it in the comment box below, above, please share you know to spread positivity.

“We made it.” -Ghostface Killah

One Love Peace.