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Debt to Dollars Episode 6 - Being You Is Enough!


Yo what up everybody its your boy Godfrey Elder and this is episode six of debt to dollars. Thanks for tuning in. I’m at the Houston Toyota Center. About to see Puff Daddy, The Lox, Mase, 112 Faith Evans. Its a huge concert thats going on right now. I just want to take a quick time and let you know that be you is enough.

You’re going to have people that will love you. You will have people that will hate you. But no matter who you are or where you are. your going to fall down and your going make mistakes in your life. Everything that happens is either a blessing or a lesson. 

So just be yourself and remember that being you is enough. Now don’t take that too far and try to be negative and use that as an excuse and say this is who I am. Take ownership of who you are. Work hard on your character and build up your self-esteem.And remember, believe in yourself. Being you is enough. Thanks for watching, One love, peace.

Debt to Dollars Episode 5 - Execution


Yo whats up everybody it's your boy Godfrey Elder and this is Debt to Dollars episode five. Thanks for tuning in. This episode is about execution. Doing what needs to be done. Whether its as business or personal. If something needs to get done just got there make it happen. Its easier said than done but it’s easier thought than said. So if you can manifest it in your head first, do it second. So if it’s a conversation that needs to be had on a one on one level, great way to actually get that down is just to ask the person. Ay we need to talk to you free? You got five minutes?

And if their free and they have five minutes, get it done. If they are not free, well what's a good time that works for you?If it's a phone call if you want to talk somebody that you’re not on a one on one with, just pick up the phone and be at the other end of it when its ringing. Right. That's how simple it is. If they don't pick up, whats the worst that could happened? You could leave a message.Thats it! You still get your message across even if they don't pick up at least you tried. You know sometimes nature is a good way of providing we need. But nature doesn’t always come through for us.  Sometimes you gotta manifest the greatness inside yourself.

So a good example would be having a garden, for example. If you have a garden, and you’ve got feed your family in a climate where does it always rain, your family could starve. But unless you going to the back of the house and you got that hose, and start watering and that garden for as much as you need to. It’s going to bear that fruit, that vegetable, what ever needs to grow, because you put in that work. You just made it happened. Don't wait around for nature to help you, don’t wait around for others. Create yourown opportunities. There is a lot of success inside each and every one of us. This episode five y’all. Debt to dollars thanks for watching one love, peace.

Debt to Dollars Episode 3 - Paying and Investing Attention


Yo what’s up everybody it your boy, Godfrey Elder, and this is episode three of debt to dollars Thanks for tuning in. I had a 15 hour work day and I'm on in the parking lot about to go home so I decided to record this episode very quick for y’all. 

So I’m going to get straight to the point. By the way Straight to the point is the title of my first book. Make sure you download it on Amazon.com right now.  So back to the episode. This is about the balance of paying attention an interesting attention. Now paying attention is something that you give up now for immediate return. It's your attention its your focus for right now. What are you getting out of it now? 

Investing attention is something you’re giving up now but the return comes far later down the line. But often times if you invested wisely the return could be far greater than what you initially invested. That happens with focus. That happens with your intent. Your attention, it also happens with money. 

Sometimes we get so stuck in paying attention because we always live in the present moment. Right? Pay attention! What’s happening now? What's going on? What’s going on right of right now around me. But time moves so fast all the time and the present moment soon becomes the past. So one way that I've learn how to stay ahead of the game is playing with the balance between paying attention an investing attention. Because when you become good at investing attention, you always are one step ahead.

Someone close to me at one point to me told me that nothing worth having comes easy.  That's so crazy because that statement to come easy but it was worth having.  That help me to shape my thought processes for investing for later on down the road. I hope this video helps y'all invest wisely pay more attention to is going on around you find an interesting balance between both. Thanks for watching y'all one love peace!

Debt to Dollars Episode 2 - 9/11 Where were you?


What’s up everybody's this is episode two of debts of dollars thanks for tuning in.  I want to send a special shout out to my twin sister.  Happy birthday girl! This episode is about bringing the sunshine inside you wherever you go. I got a lot of questions to answer. One of the most popular questions that I get is where was I in the day 9/11 We always want to speak about what we were doing that day. Sometimes that answer is a bit hard for the average person to handle but I’m going to share it with the world.  

I really appreciate all the birthday shot outs that I’ve been getting on social media. You know how it is now days when is your birthday everybody wants to hit you up. So is really cool. Thanks for the special packages and social media stalking that goes on. I’m going to get into y’all. So September 11 I remember just being on two- day drug and alcohol binge or at least two days. I remember waking up in the staircase. Another flashes on the top of my high school. Another flash is just having a really good time. Shout outs to Sean Stephenson, Atlanta, they just sent me a text.

I appreciate the support. I'm having a good memory of just listening to rap music. A lot of Noreaga, Styles, Nate-Dog. You know it was that rap era so that was positive feeling that I have about my birthday. The majority was a dark place. I remember it was about September 13 when I found out actually that the World Trade Center fell. We were watching Spanish news and asked my friend translate to me what was going on and he told me that the World Trade Center fell on 9/11.  So thatgoes to show you the the dark place I was in. If you're from New York City or that area in New Jersey you can remember seeing clouds of smoke for months after the world trade center fell.  

But it was a couple days in and I was just so out of it, I couldn’t even look up towards sky. I had no hope. I had nothing to live for.  This is about bringing the sunshine inside you where you go. Later on in my adulthood, I remember living in Australia. It was a really tough week in terms of whether. It was raining everywhere, the beaches were flooded, there was hail. I just remember walking to the mall by something to eat and this guy was like shocked. He said dude why you so happy? He didn’t say dude, he probably said mate.

He said hey mate why so are you so happy when the weather is so bad? and I just said a man sometimes you gotta bring the sunshine with you wherever you go. He said what you mean? I said sometimes people wait for the weather be nice so they could be nice. Sometimes they wait until people treat them well so they can feel well. Me, I don't wait on that anymore I just bring sunshine with whoever I go. I had a positive impact on him and and I want to share that positive impact with the whole world.  It doesn’t matter was going on in your life. What matters shine that you have within.  When you can learn to tap into that, you have a positive impact on the way your life is going to turn out. I want to send a a shot out to know the family and friends of the victims of 9/11. But ultimately, a shot out to anyone is going through something really tough right now. 

Try to find the sunshine inside you and try to come out of this. I definitely believe that you got what it takes. It's crazy looking back now how I was on that day because sitting here right now the front yard just enjoying the weather, I am two years, two months, and two days sober. This episode two y'all of debt to dollars. Thanks for watching. Special shout out to Vanessa Kim, Sean, Lena, Jose and the whole squad. 

Check me out on episode 3 y’all. One love peace.

Debt to Dollars Episode 1 - Lost to Luxury


I came from the hood, made it out the hood, now here's my story. 

This is episode one of debt to dollars thanks for tuning in.

I know you’re wondering who I am. I’m a guy from Queens New York city born on September 11th.  A single immigrant mother on welfare raised me. We got sucked into the street life pretty early starting on the streets about the age of 12.

This is for people who grew up in a rough neighborhood. If you didn’t have much, if you’re from the ghetto, forgotten about, and don’t have a lot of opportunity, this is for you.

I've learned, saw, and done a lot of things you know that wasn't too proud of that led me to become a high school dropout. I work successfully actually to become the absolute worst version of myself. When I say the worst was myself I actually mean a liar, cheater, thief, an addict someone who's abusive, heartless, and eventually homeless.

I received a few wake-up calls. It came in the form of people events and thought processes that help me turn my life around. This debt to dollars podcast/YouTube channel is actually about that journey.

It's about the journey, the people, and thought processes that helped me, and the events that shape my life. I'm not a motivational speaker not a life coach, I’m just me. Actually my twin sister just text me happy birthday.. Tomorrow will… actually today right now. Well I just turned 31. What what!

Back to the story but anyways the reason why I changed my life is because I had a little spark of belief my heart. When I want to give up and I didn't feel like living anymore, I kinda believed that I deserve something better and I exercised that belief. I had a lot of friends and family help me along the way strangers too as well and I eventually turn my life around.

Here are 3 things that helped me. One is belief. Call it a will to survive. Call it confidence or whatever you want. I just believed in something greater. The second is your wake up calls. It is an external commitment to that belief rooted in action. Third it was my network.

I’m no longer homeless. Actually, I’m sitting in my own place. I live in a gated community. It’s beautiful to have a private gym, private swimming pool. Today I'm an author and educator and entertainer and a manager. I am really thankful for the people that helped me get here. Shout to my mom I love you. Happy Birthday to my twin sister Ramona. Shout to my brother Rich, hold your head you know hope you come up soon. Ultimately this is episode one. Welcome to my journey. Welcome to my life.

Any questions, y'all feel free to ask. Leave it in the comment box below, above, please share you know to spread positivity.

“We made it.” -Ghostface Killah

One Love Peace.