Debt to Dollars Episode 10 - Black & Fly ft Hannes Nose


G: Yo whats up everybody! This is your boy Godfrey Elder and this episode ten of Debt to Dollars. Of course we got a special guest Hannes Nose. 

G: Whats good brother. 

H: Whats going on son? 

G: Welcome to the podcast. So just tell the people a little bit about yourself you know they might be wondering who you are. Some people do know. Reintroduce yourself for those who don't know.

H : Well my name is Hannes from Corona Queens. Really not much to say. I work as a nurse but by day. By night Im a self made entrepreneur, thats all. I’m an idea man. So yeah. 

G: Thats good, yeah.

H: I’m an idea man so.

G: Thats good yeah. I agree about that. You have a lot of good ideas that are definitely inspiring. Um, One of which, black and fly you know you show people the shirts that you made man 

H: Black and fly 

G: Yes 

H: You know the first product, many more to come. 

G: Yes

H: Alright

G: Now the whole concept behind black and fly you know. This is something that I know but just to reiterate because every time theres you know there is something important that  I get from you when you express your ideas. So, Tell me about it.

H: Well, this came to me as something down where not enough minorities especially men  are not traveling. You know they stay within their own confines and neighborhoods so I'm a firm believer the more you travel around. The more you can expand your mind so its something just to motivate and inspire people to get out there and you know travel the world. And just be dope doing it. 

G: Good good good, so  of course theres the instagram page. You know how long?  When did you start it? And whats your following like? 

H: I casually started it in September. September I casually started it. To be honest it'd be days that I forgot I have it so.

G: Yeah

H: So, but for some reason its got up to about fifty five hundred followers organically. You know a lot of likes. I created the black and fly hash tag and so far and theres about five hundred  photos tagged with that hashtag alone. Right, I get e I get direct messaged, I get tagged, I get um emailed people showing me photos they want to profile on my page.

G: Right right

H: Yea man so now looking towards aggressively marketing it  and trying. To see where I can get it to go,  so you know. 

G: Good well I think its definitely a long  time coming because I remember I traveled a little but you know um just keeping up with you dude.  Its like every other week you was in London or Paris. Look I know you travel a lot what has been some of your favorite destinations . You know what I'm saying that you've been to?

H: Um favorite is something dependent on how you feel 

G: Yeah

H: If you just want to relax you know I'm not going to  go to London to relax. I'm going to go to the Caribbean you know an island or beach some place where I can move in slow mo. Have a drink and you know unwind. So if you want to talk about relax. I've been to Jamaica a few times I really like it over there um.

G: West Indies

H: West Indies the food is great.  The women are beautiful you already know 

G: Yeah Of course yeah

H: You know Dominican Republic was nice. Bahamas was alright but I guess that was more so the company I was with. Lets see. Its quite  a few places Mexico,  Cancun was cool Ive been there what I've been there twice and  yeah you know I enjoyed it. But  like I said it all depends on what you're looking for with your budget  and what you want to do and who you're with. You know I mostly traveled all by myself so you know I move to the speed of my own drum. But when you travel with a lot of different people. I've  come to find out people who don't really get out, are very extra about it. I travel like I can always come back. 

G: Yeah

H: So if I miss something its alright the second time around  I can come back. But you have people who don't who can get out once or twice they want to experience  everything

G: Yeah

H: And you know another thing you've noticed if you go to my instagram page I have no photos up there. I don't do it to impress other people. I do it for me.

G: Right

H: You know so yeah man 

G: Good good 

H: But yeah like I said this product is really more so for inspiring people. You can go by yourself. like look what happened today met some young ladies that have passports but haven't ever been anywhere. Why? Cause they're scared to go by themselves. I understand as a young woman you're scared to go by yourself but.

G: Yeah 

H: As long as you wait you’ll never go anywhere. Tomorrow is definitely not promised man. Its get up and go you know if you're really feeling unsafe go with a travel group. You know you got apple vacations, you have others even on Groupon . On Groupon you have a whole bunch of um vacations by I think her names Jessica and she does curated trips where you’re with a group. Go on a cruise.  You're on a boat you know 

G: Yeah absolutely

H: And if you go on a cruise by yourself you're going to meet other people you have a group of people that you can hang out with so you won't be by yourself but we got to get out of the mindset of you know don't get me wrong I was there I've never made. I was stagnated by because I wanted  to be with my friends. These are my friends.

G: Right 

H: But  sometimes your friends will hold you back

G: Yeah they be like yo we going to the cruise or  in June. You know what I'm saying its like march. Yo you buying your tickets? Did you book it? Nah, yeah ill think about it. You know they kind of leave you hanging so I totally feel you on just biting the bullet and going alone if you know if you're safe enough to do so. You know sometimes  thats a safety  issue going to a foreign place that you've never been before a lot of issues you know a lot of warnings 

 H: Well thats why another reason like my hope is to expand tis to curated travel to trips into countries around the world you know. Develop relationships with airbnbs, hotels, resorts, um excursion companies

G: Right

H: Create packages low cost you know a few months  out give you time to pay it off a piecemeal, hundred dollars every few weeks.  You know everybody. Listen if you can afford to go to the club . Listen if you got an iPhone you can afford  to travel man. 

G: Right Right

H: You know so no excuses put a little money to the side four or five day curated trips and um so people can go out  there and get to experience the world man. Like you really don't know whats going on until  you really get out there.

G: Right

H:You know you can't learn everything from google and tv 


H: Call it what it is 

G: Absolutely yeah

H: You know thats the experience somebody is presenting to you thats not yours

G: Right right 

G:You know So in a nutshell some you know you're trying to push this forward so people can have their own experiences and share within themselves or for people who don't have a travel experience to uh you know add that to their lifestyle or you know scratch that one off the bucket list. 

H: You know exactly

G: No doubt

G: Well  tell everybody how they can reach you . You know the whats the best way to get in touch with your support.

H: Well to be honest um for this particular we are black and fly you know thats the name on instagram. Um the website if you want to purchase a t-shirt  or you know  its black and fly . Com if you got pictures. That you want me to pulse for you . Hashtag black and fly. Thats it. You know thats the best way to get at me.

G: Alright

H: Alright

G: Hannes nose live and direct. Thanks for tuning in this episode ten of debt to dollars. One love, Peace. There you go.