Debt to Dollars Episode 9 - The 365 Effect


Yo whats up everybody, its your boy Godfrey Elder and this is episode nine of debt to dollars. Thanks for tuning int. The 365 affect yall. Are you happy with your life are you content.  Are you 100% satisfied with the way you feel and how you are perceived out there in the world. If you are listen, hit me up let me know how you got there. I'm still learning and I would love to hear your story. If you're not, I wanted to introduced something you call the 365 affect.

So there’s 365 days in a year if you have which a life analyze which you did the last is a 365 days and let me know. If you unhappy with your life, if you are unsatisfied you gotta realize that you spent the whole 365 days last year working passively and actively to get there. So if you’re 100% satisfied keep doing that. Keep growing and living a process. If you’re unsatisfied with the way things are going in life something’s got to change. 

Making one shift is not enough. It’s a daily shift, its a constant shift. It's a lifestyle . Also if you want to be somewhere year from now. Think about one year from now how you want think, how you want to be, how you want to live. Map that out. Figure out what you have to do for then next 365 days to get there. You know I feel like a lot of people more powerful than they lead themselves to believe. Sometimes believing in yourself is not enough. I was told that belief is a poor excuse for experience.

So if you experience something and it makes you feel satisfied. It makes you feel happy from inside and is benefiting you. Repeat that process repeat that experience. Sometimes you could believe is so much but without the action there will be no experience to back it up. So for the next is a 65 days become a something that you can do. Don’t put too much on your plate. Then again there is so much on your plate time to get a big plate. Invite somebody to dinner. The next 365 days can be crucial and also to learn a lot from reflecting from the last 365 days. This is episode nine y'all thanks for watching, one love, peace.