Debt to Dollars Episode 6 - Being You Is Enough!


Yo what up everybody its your boy Godfrey Elder and this is episode six of debt to dollars. Thanks for tuning in. I’m at the Houston Toyota Center. About to see Puff Daddy, The Lox, Mase, 112 Faith Evans. Its a huge concert thats going on right now. I just want to take a quick time and let you know that be you is enough.

You’re going to have people that will love you. You will have people that will hate you. But no matter who you are or where you are. your going to fall down and your going make mistakes in your life. Everything that happens is either a blessing or a lesson. 

So just be yourself and remember that being you is enough. Now don’t take that too far and try to be negative and use that as an excuse and say this is who I am. Take ownership of who you are. Work hard on your character and build up your self-esteem.And remember, believe in yourself. Being you is enough. Thanks for watching, One love, peace.