Debt to Dollars Episode 5 - Execution


Yo whats up everybody it's your boy Godfrey Elder and this is Debt to Dollars episode five. Thanks for tuning in. This episode is about execution. Doing what needs to be done. Whether its as business or personal. If something needs to get done just got there make it happen. Its easier said than done but it’s easier thought than said. So if you can manifest it in your head first, do it second. So if it’s a conversation that needs to be had on a one on one level, great way to actually get that down is just to ask the person. Ay we need to talk to you free? You got five minutes?

And if their free and they have five minutes, get it done. If they are not free, well what's a good time that works for you?If it's a phone call if you want to talk somebody that you’re not on a one on one with, just pick up the phone and be at the other end of it when its ringing. Right. That's how simple it is. If they don't pick up, whats the worst that could happened? You could leave a message.Thats it! You still get your message across even if they don't pick up at least you tried. You know sometimes nature is a good way of providing we need. But nature doesn’t always come through for us.  Sometimes you gotta manifest the greatness inside yourself.

So a good example would be having a garden, for example. If you have a garden, and you’ve got feed your family in a climate where does it always rain, your family could starve. But unless you going to the back of the house and you got that hose, and start watering and that garden for as much as you need to. It’s going to bear that fruit, that vegetable, what ever needs to grow, because you put in that work. You just made it happened. Don't wait around for nature to help you, don’t wait around for others. Create yourown opportunities. There is a lot of success inside each and every one of us. This episode five y’all. Debt to dollars thanks for watching one love, peace.