Debt to Dollars Episode 3 - Paying and Investing Attention


Yo what’s up everybody it your boy, Godfrey Elder, and this is episode three of debt to dollars Thanks for tuning in. I had a 15 hour work day and I'm on in the parking lot about to go home so I decided to record this episode very quick for y’all. 

So I’m going to get straight to the point. By the way Straight to the point is the title of my first book. Make sure you download it on Amazon.com right now.  So back to the episode. This is about the balance of paying attention an interesting attention. Now paying attention is something that you give up now for immediate return. It's your attention its your focus for right now. What are you getting out of it now? 

Investing attention is something you’re giving up now but the return comes far later down the line. But often times if you invested wisely the return could be far greater than what you initially invested. That happens with focus. That happens with your intent. Your attention, it also happens with money. 

Sometimes we get so stuck in paying attention because we always live in the present moment. Right? Pay attention! What’s happening now? What's going on? What’s going on right of right now around me. But time moves so fast all the time and the present moment soon becomes the past. So one way that I've learn how to stay ahead of the game is playing with the balance between paying attention an investing attention. Because when you become good at investing attention, you always are one step ahead.

Someone close to me at one point to me told me that nothing worth having comes easy.  That's so crazy because that statement to come easy but it was worth having.  That help me to shape my thought processes for investing for later on down the road. I hope this video helps y'all invest wisely pay more attention to is going on around you find an interesting balance between both. Thanks for watching y'all one love peace!